$99 minimum for cleaning (carpet, rug, tile, upholstery)

***Free Onsite Estimates are available upon request***

Residential Carpet Cleaning:

Furnished – $0.37/sq.ft
Vacant – $0.32/sq.ft.
Stairs – $40 per set (a set includes the landing)

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

Call or email to schedule:  Requires an onsite estimate

Residential Carpet/Rug Treatments:

Deodorize – $0.20/sq.ft (added to pre-spray & rinse)
Scotchguard – $0.25/sq.ft
Pet Deodorizing – $0.25/sq.ft (pre-treat pet spots, post treat with pet enzyme deodorizer)

Tile Cleaning:

Tile – $1.00/sq.ft

Upholstery Cleaning:

2 Cushion Sofa – $119
3 Cushions Sofa – $139
Sectional Sofa – $189
Fully Upholstered Chair – $50
Standard Square Ottoman – $20
Sofa length Ottoman – $35
Dining Room Chair (seat and back) – $7
Dining Room Chair (seat or back only) – $5


Area Rug Cleaning:

Facility Cleaning:  Includes FREE Pick-Up & Delivery: $2.25/sq.ft – (best for deep cleaning, pet odor and/or stain removal, or for rugs that have never professionally cleaned)

In Home Cleaning: $1.25/sq.ft (best for maintenance cleaning – top face fiber clean only)

Carpet Repair:

Carpet Stretching – $75-$150 (per room)

Carpet Patching – $35-$100 (per patch)

Vehicle Cleaning:

Call or email to schedule:  Requires an onsite estimate

For an estimate for your cleaning job, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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