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At Salisbury Rug & Carpet Cleaning, we have a firm understanding of the cleaning industry to ensure quality results that are safe for whatever surface or material you want us to clean. Our business has been family-owned and operated since its inception in 2014. This ensures you get personalized attention and immediate resolution to any concern. When we quote your professional carpet cleaning project, we consider every possible factor. No last-minute charges for spots, stains, or odors!

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“This is the second time Salisbury Rug & Carpet Cleaning has cleaned my carpets. This time, I added my two area rugs. Always a great job, but this time was especially important since one of my five cats has had issues with urinating outside his litter box. Aaron used pre-enzymes, cleaned, and a post-enzyme with a nice and light fragrance. The carpet is fresh and clean, and the rugs look new! I highly recommend them for the fantastic job they do, their professionalism, and understanding pet issues!”

- Kit F

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We love serving our customers and educating them about their cleaning needs.

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