Upholstery Cleaning

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process:

  • Step 1 – Pre-Inspection: We inspect the entire body of all furniture to be cleaned, notating each spot, stain and/or odors that need attention.
  • Step 2 – Area preparation: We inspect the area and prepare to reduce overspray.
  • Step 3 – Spot, stain, odor pre-treat: Each spot and stain is pre-treated with enzymes that begin to break down the spots, stain and/or odors in preparation for Step 8, steam cleaning & rinse.
  • Step 4 – Pre-treat dwell time: We allow the pre-treatment to dwell for a period of 5-15 minutes, depending upon the severity.
  • Step 5 – Standard pre-spray: When then add our standard pre-spray that helps emulsify dirt and soil in further preparation for Step 8, steam cleaning & rinse.
  • Step 6 – Standard pre-spray dwell time: We also allow the pre-spray to dwell for a period of 5-15 minutes, depending upon the severity.
  • Step 7 – Pre-groom: We pre-groom the fibers with a soft bristled brush to help remove any spots and stains, also helping to emulsify the soil trapped in the furniture.
  • Step 8 – Steam cleaning & rinse: We introduce the hottest water available through our direct drive carpet cleaning machine along with our rinse to neutralize pre-treatments, pre-sprays and finally extracting loose soil.
  • Step 9 – Speed dry: Like our carpet cleaning process, we use high velocity air movers to help speed the drying time.
  • Step 10 – Post inspection: We inspect each piece of furniture to ensure all spots, stains, and/or odors were addressed.
  • Step 11 – Post cleaning deodorizer/fiber protectant: When applicable, we add a post cleaning deodorizer to further freshen the fibers.  At this point, we also add a fiber protectant.  It is highly recommended that all rugs, carpets, and upholstery be protected.  Industry standard calls for reapplication of fiber protectant every 12-18 months, depending upon the amount of traffic the fibers experience.  Fiber protectant is available for an extra cost upon request.

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