Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our 11 Step Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step 1 – Pre-Inspection: In home inspection for spots, stains, and/or odors is conducted in preparation for pre-treatment.
  • Step 2: – Furniture moving: Under our standard pricing structure, we move smaller items such as nightstands, side tables and chairs.  We do offer moving larger pieces of furniture such as sofas, beds, dressers for an additional fee upon request.
  • Step 3 – Spot, stain, odor pre-treat: Each spot and stain is pre-treated with enzymes that begin break down spots, stain and/or odors in preparation for Step 7,  steam cleaning & rinse.
  • Step 4 – Pre-treat dwell time: We allow the pre-treatment to dwell for a period of 5-15 minutes, depending upon the severity.
  • Step 5 – Standard pre-spray: When then add our standard pre-spray that helps emulsify dirt and soil in further preparation for Step 7, steam cleaning & rinse.
  • Step 6 – Pre-Spray dwell time: We also allow the pre-spray to dwell for a period of 5-15 minutes, depending upon the severity.
  • Step 7 – Steam cleaning & rinse: We introduce the hottest water available through our direct drive carpet cleaning machine along with our rinse to neutralize pre-treatments, pre-sprays and finally extracting loose soil.
  • Step 8 – Air movers to speed drying time: Upon exiting each room after cleaning, we use high velocity air movers to help speed the drying time.
  • Step 9 – Post cleaning inspection: We walk through each room to ensure all spots, stains, and/or odors were addressed.
  • Step 10 – Post cleaning deodorizer/fiber protectant: When applicable, we add a post cleaning deodorizer to further freshen the fibers.  At this point, we also add a fiber protectant.  It is highly recommended that all rugs, carpets, and upholstery be protected.  Industry standard calls for reapplication of fiber protectant every 12-18 months, depending upon the amount of traffic the fibers experience.  Fiber protectant is available for an extra cost upon request.
  • Step 11 – Groom carpet fibers: Using our carpet rake, we groom the carpet fibers to stand in the same position to help speed the drying time as well as give the carpet a fresh clean look.

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